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A&M Electronic Solutions LLC

A&M Electronic Solutions LLC is a CCTV security camera and communications company based out of Pittsburgh, PA.  We Specialize in business and industrial CCTV applications in the PA, WV, and OH areas.  We also offer network, cabling, wireless setups, intercoms and VOIP phone systems.  We work hand in hand with all of our clients to deliver the best solutions to fit their specific needs.

24 Hour Services

Our highly trained team of service experts are available on-call 24/7 for over-the-phone diagnosis or site visits for repairs or installations.  We pride ourselves in quick response times and top notch service work. We offer our services for any type of systems you may have and can provide custom solutions to fit your exact needs.

Industrial/Oil and Gas Video Experts

We use CCTV monitoring and intercoms for factories, equipment monitoring, and drilling rigs to provide a more efficient and safer work environment.  We pride ourselves in being experts in classified area equipment and industrial applications.  Contact us today to see how we can give your key personnel sight on areas that will improve efficiency and safety without the need to have a person in that area.  

24 Hour Service

Our Technicians are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to fit the needs of our clients.  Sometimes installations need to take place after business hours or a repair needs done right away.  We strive to meet every client's needs as soon as possible.

Trained and Certified Techs

Our company prides itself on providing safe and efficient services.  All of our technicians are safety trained meeting OSHA general industry and other needed training to meet customer requirements.  We are also highly trained on all products and technology available for our clients.


We pride ourselves in providing a safe work environment for ourselves and others.  Safety is always our number one priority.


We have a sales team to offer new systems or upgrades.  We work with our customers to get the best product for your dollar.


A&M also offers system rentals pricing based on the system needs and rental length.

Custom Solutions

We have the ability to customize any system and work with our clients to find the best solutions for what they need.

Business Solutions

Security Cameras

We offer the latest technology in security camera products to help keep your investments secure.  A professional CCTV System will deter crime and provide clear images when needed.

Access Control

Using top of the line products you can easily control access to personnel without worrying about keys or who is coming and going.  Be able to log and easily control access.

Networks and Cabling

A&M can provide network and internet cabling and products.  We can set up network systems in an office or work area with professional products and reliable equipment.  A&M also specializes in wireless technology and is able to set up safe access points and wireless networks to suit your needs.


Deter theft with a quality professional CCTV camera system and know you will have reliable footage capable of identifying people and issues. Record footage and have access to remote viewing to keep an eye on your business.

Warehouses, Shops and Yards

Keep an eye on your assets easily with a professional CCTV system or control entry with our access control.  We can provide a wide coverage of areas inside and out.


All of our services are here to make your office environment more user friendly, efficient and safe.  We offer many custom solutions to fit your needs.

Oil and Gas

Drilling Rigs

Providing top of the line CCTV and Hands Free Intercoms for drilling rigs nation wide.  We offer the most reliable and up to date technology to keep key personnel informed on key areas.  Safety and efficiency is highly increased when communication and sight is readily available to the rig manager, company man, and driller.

Well Site Monitoring

Keep your assets safe with CCTV coverage from remote off-grid or using power from the site.  Capable of sending trigger warnings and video over 3G/4G networks or integrating into existing networks.  We can also provide off-grid power with solar and wind technology.

Frac Systems

Keep your site safe using CCTV monitoring at your command center to keep an eye on important aspects of the operation all while keeping personnel safe and out of potentially harmful areas.

Water and Storage Solutions

Remotely monitor pumps, storage levels, and other aspects of water storage and transfer.  Especially useful in winter months in northern areas.  We offer our highly advanced systems capable of wireless transmitting video to key personnel .  Don't let freezing or a breakage ruin your day when you can prevent the issue or catch it right away.

Explosion Proof Products

We pride ourselves in being the leading edge of the industry offering the most compact and lightweight solutions for classified areas.  Just because it's classified doesn't mean it has to be 100+ pounds. Contact us today to hear about our solutions to these areas!


Safety is our number one goal.  Not only for our team and services, but also for our clients.  Our products are available to make your sites efficient and safer.  Having eyes and ears in location otherwise blind makes operations safer.  Prevent issues and stop them before they become issues with our products.

Intercoms Built to Last

Check out this great video showing the harsh environments our intercoms are built to endure.  Tested under extreme conditions our units are built to be the best operating and most reliable on the market.

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